A new patient experience

A new state-of-the-art hospital building, designed with a patient-centered approach in mind, driven by digital integration of data. Patients will experience new processes that are supported by technology, taking safety to a whole new level. Medical care will evolve.

A hospital transition project that is one-of-a-kind

The number of new structures and processes that need to be implemented upon opening — all of which require new people skills, willingness to embrace the changes and the agility to quickly adapt to them — all at the same time, make this transition complex and unique.

State-of-the-art Building

Three patient floors, 2 parking floors, 6 cutting edge operating rooms, 300 patient-rooms, and countless sustainability standards complied. Smart architecture creates smooth logistical patient-flows. Our medical staff has the flexibility to organize patient-centered work flows.

Going Digital

The Curaçao Medical Center will be a fully digitalized environment. Software such as HiX, AFAS, and others will replace paperwork and improve human processes. Our people will be trained extensively to be ready for the new environment. To ensure patient-centered care.

HNO Bulletin #6 • An interview with more proud workers!

Hospital Nobo Otrobanda

This bulletin covers interviews with some additional workers involved in the construction of Curaçao Medical Center. Subscribe to our HNO TV Channel on YouTube to see the upcoming bulletin.

HNO Update #4

Hospital Nobo Otrobanda

The latest edition of our newsletter is out. Read it here in Papiamentu, English or Dutch.


HiX Alignment

We are having our first hospital-wide alignment exercise for HiX (Hospital Information Exchange) in House of Change this October. Approximately 120 professionals from HiX and SEHOS’ key departments are figuring out the details of the processes in the new hospital.

Training in HoC

We are getting our people ready for the transition with a variety of training modules in House of Change. We expect to see most SEHOS professionals in House of Change between now and the ‘Go Live’ moment of the HiX-software.

Pictures & Videos

A picture and a video tells more than a thousands words. As we are aware that seeing = believing, we like to take you in our journey towards the realization of the state-of-the-art Curaçao Medical Center.

“I’m glad and also grateful to be here. I learned new things I didn’t know. I will continue to carve out time out of my schedule to do this. We’re all glad the training programs started.”

SEHOS participant after the first training in House of Change

“Each patient will have a digital file, accessible to all involved in their care.”

Rengel Martina, HNO Application Manager of HiX

“We stand for a medical care sector that puts all efforts together to continue working with the best interest of the patients in mind – with special emphasis on together. “

Gilbert Martina, Director of HNO-TE

“Every citizen of our Dushi Curaçao will take part in the change process that comes with the new vision of care.”

Manfred van Veghel, Program Manager HNO-TE

“This will be the most beautiful hospital in the Dutch Kingdom.”

Arnoud Boesten, Medical Director of Erasmus Medical Center during a construction tour of the hospital

“We are working with passion and determination to make a Curaçao dream come through. Despite the complexity of such a project, I am excited for the moment we can say: Curaçao, here is your main medical center, take good care of it!”

Clifton Wallé, Senior Advisor Strategic Communication to HNO

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