Now that we have signed the Sociaal Statuut with the labor union (CBV) and SEHOS, we can move forward with the process of allocating SEHOS personnel to HNO. We are happy and proud of this achievement and are thankful to all who have made this momentous occasion possible. Currently SEHOS’ personnel are being assigned functions in the new hospital. Those whose functions come back in the hospital (approximately 80% of the personnel) will automatically transition to the same function in the new hospital. Those whose function has changed significantly, or it doesn’t exist anymore will get a chance to apply for other functions within their field of interest and expertise. For this reason, we are currently not reviewing applications until all SEHOS personnel has had first dibs on the available jobs. Only a handful of jobs requiring specific expertise, which are unavailable in the current SEHOS setting, are being considered. For these we invite you to check back often on our Careers Page. Currently there are 4 HNO Transitie en Exploitatie N.V. employees working in House of Change. All have been hired to work on the technical aspects of the software HiX.