Our Healthy Hours are a great way to connect with stakeholders and other groups. With approximately 15 communication channels to manage, our communication team loves  the Healthy Hour formula, which gets us direct response with maximum effect.

Here are 5 more reasons why we host Healthy Hours:

  1. Sharing with Groups. We are working on several components simultaneously to transition to the new hospital and many people don’t know about the ins and outs of them. We want to keep involving the groups that need to be in the loop of the developments so they can prepare for upcoming changes and make informed decisions. We love to share and answer questions in a positive setting.
  2. Catalyst Factor. With so many changes, digital and procedural, opportunities will open up that weren’t available to Curaçao’s care sector before. The new facilities, procedures, and equipment offer extensive possibilities through which the medical care sector can now evolve, and new ways of dealing with patients and of their care will emerge. Other services will spin off from these upgrades and existing services will evolve into improved ones. The more we can inform others about the developments, the more others will be able to play an active role in reaping the benefits of a modern and state-of-the-art medical center and its auxiliary services.
  3. Best Practices. This transition program is unique in so many ways, and it is one of the most complex programs Curaçao has known in modern times. There is a lot that we have learned, and a lot that we are still learning and figuring out. We want to share it with other professionals in the fields that we are working on, and be both teachers and students.
  4. Fostering Relationships. We believe in patient-centeredness and in working together to be better able to provide the patient with the kind of care that will facilitate better healing. The Healthy Hours are a great way of building stronger relationships to facilitate more cooperation and a great opportunity to help create more value for our patients.
  5. Fruitful and Positive Discussions. A lot gets lost in translation in traditional and online media. The Healthy Hours give us an ideal setting to have the conversations that can potentially lead to the transformations needed to effect actual changes. We believe in working together and the exchange during our Healthy Hours is pivotal in reaching out to stakeholders and a broader community.

If you know a group that could benefit from a Healthy Hour, please let us know at communicatie@curacaomc.com