Care Vision

Towards Nation-wide Wellness

Cost effectiveness is an integral part of the new hospital and that is what we are working on. However, as a nation we will have to become healthier for reasons beyond the love we share with our family and friends. We need to lower our health care ‘footprint’ so we can pay for the price of health care. Together with the government, we advocate for the Curaçao Wellness Nation concept.

A document called Zorgvisie (Care Vision) is being shared and discussed with other players in the health care field, to be used as a basis for creating a healthier population. Doing so will help us create the level of health care our nation craves and at a cost our population can carry.

HNO-TE supports the Care Vision document and works closely together with the Ministry of Health (GMN) to help create the desired outcomes.

Check back here often; as these plans take on form, we will keep you updated of any further steps regarding our involvement.