Going Digital

The CMC will be a fully digitalized working environment.

Software such as HiX, AFAS, and others will replace paperwork and improve human processes. These integrated digital supporting systems allow our nurses, medical specialists, and auxiliary departments to rely on more accurate and much safer ways of handling patients. The patients will be treated with higher accuracy, and more speed once we all become proficient with the software. Everyday training sessions in the House of Change are already in business, and we are highly committed in preparing ourselves to serve our patients.


Our teams are preparing for a hospital-wide rollout of a new patient registration system using a software called HiX (Hospital information eXchange).

AFAS and more

From payrolls to ordering products, AFAS (Applications For Administrative Solutions) will centralize and keep track of all movements with a financial tag on it. Ordering extra disinfectant starts as soon as the janitor opens the last box upon reaching the minimum quantity of disinfectants, with just a few clicks on a screen.