Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a church in the new hospital?

When will we move?The new building has a silent room instead of a church. The silent room was designed to be an oasis of peace and quiet where people of all religions and beliefs can take time to pray, meditate or have a moment of stillness to tap into the positive healing energies available to them or their loved ones. Situated in the center hall of the building, this room has insulated walls to shut out hospital traffic sounds.

Can I apply for a job?

Yes, we post all job openings on our Careers page. Please check back often to keep in the loop about all our job opportunities available to you.

HNO? CMC? Which is what?

HNO is the name of the holding company and its subsidiaries that will operate and manage the new hospital, which has now been officially named: Curaçao Medical Center (CMC).

Are the facilties suitable for obese persons?

Yes. There are extra-wide beds available. All rooms have been equipped with rails for a lifter. CMC will start out with 16 lifters that could be taken from room to room as is necessary. The architects based their design on extensive research of our specific needs here in Curaçao to ensure that it would meet the local demands, while also taking into account the modern developments and hospital trends world-wide.

When will we move?

There is no exact date yet, as several factors play a role in determination of one. The most important thing for us is the safety of our patients, followed closely by the ability of our teams to get ready to work with HiX and hold simulations. For this to happen, we need to have reliable delivery dates of a wide variety of contractors, suppliers and subcontractors. The planning is for second half of 2019, but we want to keep a flexible approach as to the exact date, in order to protect patients and personnel.<Blog: Why we can’t tell you exactly when we will open…>

What will happen to the SEHOS building?

This question is to be answered by SEHOS. However, since we get it often, let us share what we know. During a Town Hall meeting, SEHOS management informed its personnel that the plans for the foundation are well underway. SEHOS Director, Mr. Anthon Casperson explained that soon a decision about a possible functionality for the building will be disclosed.


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