Our People

We consider the people working at SEHOS as ‘our’ people. Together we are making this historical transition a success.

Getting Our People Ready

We are putting a lot of attention to the preparation of our people. 

 Jobs are evolving, growing into more digitally advanced ones. The layout of the new hospital is built according to patient-centered principles, which means patient flows will be different, workflows will be different, and many more details will be noticeably different for both patients and the staff. This new way of working will require extensive preparation of professionals in all echelons of the organization.

Working with HiX

We are creating a fully digitalized working environment; our teams are preparing for a new patient registration system using a software called HiX. Digital collection and registration of patient’s data permeates all patient functions and the processes in the new hospital. HiX is customized to work with our specific hospital needs and equipment; it is new to more than 97% of our personnel. This requires extensive training and upgrade of our entire workforce of more than 1200 people.

Fine Tuning Mindsets

We are matching current skill sets of individuals to the newly emerging skills necessary to meet the demands of evolved jobs in the new hospital. Leadership and change management training sessions are being rolled out as we are writing this. New work flows and evolving jobs go hand in hand with sharpening of leadership qualities and change mentality. The enthusiasm of the people working in the current hospital is unmistakable.

HAPpy Physicians

  Manning a HAP in the Curaçao Medical Center is a hot topic these days. We could not have picked a better moment to host a Healthy Hour with Curaçao’s general practitioners. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the word, HAP stands for Huisartsen Post (Dutch for...

The Number 1 Thing We Need to Do When Moving to CMC

    No stone is being left unturned while preparing for the move in the final quarter of 2019. Marco Jacobson, our Moving Manager (we borrowed him from Erasmus MC where he was in charge of the move to their new building in Rotterdam in May 2018, shared several...


WELCOME CMC TEAMS Now that we have signed the Sociaal Statuut with the labor union (CBV) and SEHOS, we can move forward with the process of allocating SEHOS personnel to HNO. We are happy and proud of this achievement and are thankful to all who have made this...

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