Our Story

Our Story

Who would have thought that the construction of a new hospital in Curaçao would make way for substantial changes in our health care system? 

Well, WE did. We are HNO-TE (short for Hospital Nobo Otrobanda Transitie en Expoitatie N.V.). We got on board with this transition in 2017–nope, we can’t take credit for all of it; just for the crucial final phase of actual implementation of many new things, plus some of the initially planned ones too. We are now in the midst of rolling out a transition program that has grown beyond the scope of a mere construction and a move. In fact, it is beyond the scope of most of the hospital transition projects. Yet, we are finding our way through the elaborate and complex aspects of this project, a project that is truly one-of-a-kind, and therefore, requires a unique approach.

We are honored to be part of this vital moment in the history of Curaçao as we get ready for the challenging and complex stages coming up before opening in the second half of 2019.

From our headquarters here in the House of Change, we work with a team of dedicated professionals who hold the value of working together high. We are keenly aware that we work for the community and for the safety of patients that can be us or our loved ones in the future. We are the history in the making; we are proud, and at the same time humble to be in this privileged position. As we look ahead to an increasingly busy period of one of Curacao’s most complex transition projects, it is crucial for us to stay true to a patient-centered approach. All of us working to bring about these changes have to keep putting our own needs in second place to first honor the needs of our future patients. We believe in working together to achieve these long overdue and necessary quality improvements to patient-care in Curaçao.

We are grateful for the patience and diligence of the people working daily in the current hospital. Despite the many challenges they face every day, they manage to put in numerous extra hours for training, attend countless coordinating sessions, and deal with many uncertainties that arise, while we figure out the best ways to proceed. Their support and enthusiasm are of immense importance for us, as well as for the patients in our future hospital. We are also thankful for the support we get from other hospitals, our external services teams, the government, and from the general public that follows our progress with vigor and enthusiasm.

Transition With US

For all who are involved in this transition in one way or the other, we urge you to adopt the patient-centered approach as you help us navigate this transition successfully. 

A transition process needs everyone and as with all matters in life, change starts with you.

To our fellow countrymen and women, we humbly ask you to follow our moves to the opening day with full belief–even if things may look different from your perspective–that we are working towards the best possible alternative for each patient in our new hospital.

It goes without saying that we hope you never have to use the new hospital, but–should you have to–may you have the best experience possible. Only then will we have fulfilled our mission.

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HNO Transitie en Exploitatie N.V. House of Change

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