Trendy word or actual value to our hospital?

If I had a guilder for every time I heard the words patient-centered around House of Change, I would treat myself with a luxurious spa. In the beginning it seemed like a trendy word, because when asked to explain, most people would fumble their words, and end up with half explanations.

What does it even mean?

It means that the architects based their choices on the optimal ways of handling a patient in any given situation in each department. While doing this, they brought the most modern ways to the table, not only to ensure the adequacy of the building for years to come, but also to make sure that as a patient we get the best there is available to us.

They also customized it to fit our specific island needs and culture.

A simple example illustrates this: The delivery ward is opposite to the operating rooms. This makes it possible to act quickly in case of emergency delivery. Adjacent to the delivery rooms is a large area where families of the lady delivering can wait. Therefore, it accommodates our beautiful cultural values of supporting our friends and families in those joyous moments.