The colors of Curaçao Medical Center give off unmistakable Curaçao-vibes. This “Krioyo-ness” is the brainchild of local architects, Lyongo Juliana and Chris Zwiers. Their efforts to infuse the building with that “di nos” (ours) feeling have paid off.

Krioyo Colors

Lyongo shared some of the mood boards they created when choosing the colors. One can clearly see how the architects let themselves be inspired by the colors of typical scenes of Curaçao. Those familiar views that show our warm climate, beautiful nature, popular buildings and quintessential scenery that we do take for granted sometimes, all bond us in a very special way.

These colors don’t just pay a tribute to our local culture, but also enhance functionality.

The 4 Fingers

The four wings facing the Caribbean Sea – we call them the 4 fingers – are mostly destined as patients’ and visitors’ areas. Each of these four wings has its own color and from east, closest to St. Elisabeth hospital, to west, the colors orange, yellow, purple and blue. The color you see on the outside is the same that pops out on the interior walls, and in corridors throughout that wing.

The architects used the colors to make it easier for people in the building to orient themselves in relation to the other areas of the building. In any given room in one of the fingers, you will know where you are, just by the colors around you. And in the Central Hall, the Atrium, you can follow the colors on the walls to find your way towards where you need to be.

In addition, one can use colors to explain the location of certain areas. You could say: “I’m in Purple, second floor.” Those using the parking garage will also find it useful to follow these colors to find their way.

The colors throughout CMC connect us with each other, lift our spirits and add functionality to the building, while aesthetically pleasing our senses. We take pride in being ambassadors of the most modern hospital in the Caribbean.