No stone is being left unturned while preparing for the move in the final quarter of 2019. Marco Jacobson, our Moving Manager (we borrowed him from Erasmus MC where he was in charge of the move to their new building in Rotterdam in May 2018, shared several preliminary thoughts during a recent conversation held just days after he arrived in Curaçao.

At one point Marco shared something that struck a chord with me. He said that perhaps the most overlooked part of a move is the fact that people need to have the space to deal with feelings of loss. It made me realize that even when we have not worked there, the St Elisabeth Hospital is like an icon for most of us, and leaving it is like saying goodbye to years of memories.


The St. Elisabeth Hospital has been there for 165 years. It is of high historical and architectural value and has become part of our island’s culture. We all have emotional ties to it. Each of us living on this beautiful piece of paradise can recall some story that transpired there. Stories about the start of new lives, the loss of dear ones, broken bones, waiting at ‘Poli’, stealing our way in from the backdoors to see loved ones, great moments, sad moments, memories shared with friends and loved ones.

The day of the move will be the day that all personnel say goodbye to years –for some decades- of walking the corridors, coming up with creative ways to deal with challenges and handling complaints of patients demanding better care.

I hope the community will give space and show their support to all the people moving from Sehos to CMC. It will be challenging to give your best shot in the new hospital, while you are still trying to let go of the good old days.