The name Healthy Hour triggers different interpretations in the minds of people. Hence, the need to share the gist of the event with our followers. Here is an explanation of the event. You might also want to read our article: 5 Good Reasons to Host a Healthy Hours.

An HNO Healthy Hour is an interactive 2-hour information exchange with a specific group, by invitation only. Aside from serving healthy snacks and beverages to promote the wellness philosophy that goes hand in hand with prevention of illness, we also focus on healthy ways of interacting and building stronger bonds within the hospital arena.

Our Healthy Hours typically start with a ‘virtual tour’ of the new hospital building. Our trained guides deliver an insightful 15-minute tour of the hospital using a replica of the building and a picture slideshow. Once our guests have had this moment to learn about the main features of the building, we treat them to a presentation about the main components of the transition program. This is a great way to understand how our HNO teams are working to bring about the changes that will have to be in place for the opening of the Curaçao Medical Center. We also address specific details that might be important to the group we invited to that specific Healthy Hour. A good example is our Physicians Healthy Hour, in which we focus on the possibilities to establish a HAP (Dutch acronym for Huisartsen Post, which is the General Practice Center) that will be located on the ground floor close to the Emergency section.

Each Healthy Hour is concluded with an interchange of questions, ideas, opinions and concerns. We cherish this important part of the event. It’s where we get a chance to align expectations, improve our communication, gauge how our efforts are being perceived, and find out what issues need extra attention.

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